How to use aroma at home

Let’s use essential oils for a relaxing time of the day.

Various ways to use essential oils

Aroma bath … Add a few drops of your favorite scented essential oil to the bathtub. You can also mix a few drops of essential oil with bath salt and take a bath.

Put a scented tissue on the bedside … If you put a tissue with essential oil on the bedside, it will have a faint scent when you sleep. We recommend a scent such as lavender, which has a good sleep effect.

Aroma massage: Essential oils can also be used for massages such as legs and abdomen to improve blood flow and swelling. Mix carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil with 5% of essential oil and apply to the area to be massaged.

You may need to be careful when working with essential oils. For details, please read “Precautions when using essential oils”.