How to use incense

Incense is a solid fragrance unlike essential oils. There are stick type, conical type, swirl type, etc., and various scents are now on sale for aromatherapy. Let’s make good use of it and incorporate the scent into your daily life.

How to use incense

Basically, it is used by lighting it.

Put the incense in the holder and light it with a lighter or candle to enjoy the scent that comes out slowly. Over time, the scent fills the room. Be sure to use a holder that matches the shape of the incense.

Pay close attention to the surrounding environment so as not to put flammable materials around.

If you want to extinguish it on the way, put a clip on the burning part to extinguish the fire. The scent lasts for a long time, so it is recommended when you want to take a lot of time and relax.