Typical scent and efficacy

Here, we will introduce the well-known scents and effects used in aromatherapy.

When you want to relax

Lavender: Lavender, which can be said to be the most used in aromatherapy, can be expected to have a calming effect and a good night’s sleep effect.

Ylang Ylang … A rich scent evokes a sense of openness.

Sai Place … A refreshing scent of wood. You can feel like you are bathing in the forest.

When you want to concentrate

Lemongrass … As the name suggests, it has a refreshing scent like lemon. It will last a long time, so it will be useful when studying for a long time.

Sandalwood: A scent traditionally used during meditation in India. You can expect the effect of calming and unifying the mind.

Besides this, there are various scents and effects. Find your favorite scent.